Flipkart & 5th Elephant – BigData event

Flipkart and its submission for talks at 5th elephant – a BigData event puts them way above rest. I have never seen any firm bare and share so much about technology stack. Last time I attended hasgeek event they shared how they scale, next time they talked about front end work. The sheer # of talks & spectrum is immense this time around.

If I was a startup – this is like a crash course in getting the right thinking. I have not seen its famed bigger international lookalike/potential local competition ever share these many details , closest firms which are like them are netflix (@adrianco) or linked in to an extent. Twitter is ahead in terms of sharing the tools with everybody else.

This goes very well with Kiran’s well written article – there he talked about sharing the source when there could be potential of misuse, outright piracy. Flipkart on other hand is sharing its moving pieces at least by talking about them. Very-2 bold imho.

Flipkart & 5th Elephant – BigData event

Where is monetization/relevance for Social (search via friends)

Update – 13 Nov 2012 – At sometime in october 2012, one of my friends reached out for a job in java world. I tried out linkedin echochamber. Only few friends responded but surprisingly linked in could not guess the question in the post and redirect interested folks to me? I would have expected that linked-in showing how my question/ask for help has reached x people who might be interested and I should connect with them or they having option to send back automatic requests for information/job advertisements. I personally think linked in is the most data driven company for very specific need and they can and will overcome that barrier.

Update – 23 OCt 2012 – One more thread on Facebook Bangalore foodies indicates “need for social site monitoring and effective monetization” . There is two fold possibility. Sensing Contributor statement as question or comment – push relevant stuff to him/her. When just viewer comes in & spends active time on thread – push stuff to him in near real time with relevance. “Refrigerator with deal x” located y km from where you are :).

Will  refrigerator ad not be relevant here for "Reader"
Will refrigerator ad not be relevant here for “Reader”

Update- 6 July 2012 – There is SearchBuddy – MSR research project which talks about “embedded bot kind of service”  to identify & answer questions. It is little sparse on how, time span limit, relevance quality.

I follow a group for my interests (what else – but food) – http://www.facebook.com/groups/BLRfoodies/ on facebook. It is pretty active, honest community and I respect the folks who spend time here.

First is a specific food suggestion –

Next is the generic ask for a good location for large bunch of people

Following is a very specific ask about getting herb(seeds/plants) from specific locations

Now the generic advertisements which are thrown when I am looking at that page


One has to respect FB(Mark), Twitter(revenue guy) for accepting they do not know yet what to do.  There are folks like bloomreach/reclabs who are trying to bring relevance for merchants.  Just how does one surface context sensitive piece based on who is the person? Search is easy – you are looking for information.

But just browsing – wall, timeline – there are chances that some of these you explore. Some of  them you ignore. Main issue is kind of information one shares/looks for in each of the networks. Then offcourse one has linkedIn(which should buy stackoverflow) which many folks keep segregated and others aggressively integrate and send same information everywhere. Quora is extremely high value site where people who are part of the network add that “dash” by providing real answers. Each one of them serves different need.

Apart from segregation of “interest” – major issue is trust – search engines are explicit – they sell our intent probability. But moment fb/twitter start doing something which voilates that trust – people might switch back to closed network – phone call/email.

Personally I have never clicked on ads. Ever.

Where is monetization/relevance for Social (search via friends)