Govind works at MTC in Bangalore helping customers adopt technology platform.  His experience ranges over 19 years and extends over applied software solutions and processes backed up by common sense. He has managed teams, worked as individual contributor.  He manages to keep up with deluge of information and tries to focus on relevant things. He maintains this blog as outlet for some of his non-technical/non work related angst, passion and unedited raw views which include non politically correct forms too. In no way the employer is responsible for the blogger’s comments.

He can be usually found “learning” more about “how things work” and demystifying them in pragmatic way. His area of expertise lies in developing applications and finding/fixing bottlenecks. He is still a journeyman and believes that he can only share what he learns/understands and that part is infinitesimally small.  Data is what excites him and terms like startburst and byzantine evoke “read about this stuff”. Outside work food, Books, movies, travel keep him busy. He is occasional blogger at https://govindkanshi.wordpress.com

Interests – Data, Infrastructure optimization(spelled by other name cloud).


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Jai says:

    Hi Govind,

    I attended GIDS and in that your session. I am very interested in machine learning. I am already working in an MNC as DW/BI consultant and want to extend my knowledge in machine learning field.

    Just wanted to check whether you do coaching or is there another way I can join you?

    Please reply to my email.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. govindkanshi says:

      Dear Jai – Thanks for reaching out, we are planning bunch of workshops sometime later. Send an email and I will add you to the notification, in all honesty this takes time but it is easy to get started.

  2. Rajesh MKrish says:

    Hi Govind,

    I attended your session on GIDS and very much interested in machine learning a lot. I will be interested to sign up for your workshops. Kindly let me know the details. Also I need your valuable advise on going forward in a full time career path on data analytics/machine learning. Kindly email me. Thanks a lot

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