Left Facebook, planning to leave LinkedIn too…just infitismely small statistic

It is quite sometime since I left FB, I keep connected with friends via phone calls or physical meeting. Other friends are checked on by better half’s account occasionally. When FB announced the “experiment” results  – that was it for me.

I am skeptical of news aggregators, search sites and now social networking sites. I
was personally appalled by folks pushing in exaggerated versions of themselves form
their work life.

Lack of transparency
I do not know why certain news items appear in google news and others never make
it. There is neither explanation nor transparency. Over time there will be
dominance of only one “viewpoint” depending on the ownership of these places. It
scares the hell out of me.

I do not get much job offers anyway on linkedIn – and their pulse is very skewed to
interests which do not align to mine. The flow of stories, updates too seems less
on freshness and more on “linked to” etc..I do not have reason to follow these. I
rarely have conversations here.

Only thing which works is Prismatic – I wished Twitter would buy them. They bring
in stuff I am interested in, allow me to explore at my pace rather than twitter –
where stuff is lost after that instant or predefined window controlled by Twitter.
I am hoping there is more of context – more of “permanency” rather than immediate
day or 2. I wished there was better search, right now lot of stuff locked into
individual networks. Twitter’s search has to improve. Please. Just don’t focus on twitter stream, there is bigger world outside.

And yes I am keeping my offline/online conversation tool email handy. I will also
scare people away by putting random stuff on the blog. 🙂 .

Left Facebook, planning to leave LinkedIn too…just infitismely small statistic

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