Apache Flink – SQL support?

Nowadays the challenge is the moment you blink something new would have popped up in the Data processing world – either as a fullfledged backend or another middle layer in between.

Apache Flink promises to take advantage of “declarative” model but at present has java/scala api. One of the fastest way for any of these intermediaries to succeed is to adopt something which has been there for decades. The most successful DSL of our times is SQL – the way Apache Drill is doing via using optiq – is a great 1st step. Hopefully underlying store’s decade long work does not go waste.

It also ensure you do not accumulate karma against the demi-god DBA who does not look forward to learning new things anymore. He joined that world because there were few things to do. Storage layout, profiler, queries, indexes, backups-restores, HA/DR.. Kidding. Just kidding.


Apache Flink – SQL support?

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