AzureML – Zero to Hero talk at SQL User Group – Bangalore

Update – Presentation (2nd Aug 2014 – SQL UG meetup, Bangalore)

This weekend I have a slot – thanks to @vinodk_sql, @pinaldave, @banerjeeamit and @blakhani for speaking on AzureML. I will assume most of the folks are for “finding” out what is new and take them on a journey from that point of view. hopefully they will leave excited about the tool and its ease and become curious enough to take the journey.

We will cover what AzureML can do by way of examples, we will get basic idea about what is available out of box (data ingestion, model creation, validation and web publishing – request/response). We will cover at high level algorithms for various tasks and need for data cleansing/feature selection and available tools for the same. We will not go deep into R integration or tuning of algorithms(sweeping/active-online learning). We will sidestep into gory details of what each algorithm means but cover the metrics for evaluation which are important to see the gains of using the algorithm.

It will be a demo heavy session taking data from public sites.

Microsoft Corporation, Signature Building,
Embassy Golf Links Business Park,
Intermediate Ring Road,
Domlur, Bangalore – 560071

Location and details are here.

And title of the talk was chosen by Vinod.

AzureML – Zero to Hero talk at SQL User Group – Bangalore

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