What do ISVs trying to bring their solutions to Cloud want ?

Easy to understand Billing model 

Make it easy to reason about the billing model, simpler than what is exposed to “pay per use”. I  need to use it every day. It should just work without surprise. Do not expose the – you looked at  me – y $, you asked for that z$.

Tell me about your maintenance cycles (please)

For end customers using a solution, downtime  communication is essential. Ideally 24*7 operation is required but we can craft a solution which can deliver minimum viable option at lower cost.

Business relationship
Active Go To Market without very informal Partner network requirements highlighting where we are and how to move forward. Help us unseat the existing partner brokers who are deadweight – whose  whole deployment models are a challenge. That aircover we talked about needs to be about partners, partners, partners. Help unlock the cio-tech-team ice. It is not about x% discounts.

Real support in terms of what does not work rather than “green my scorecard” – so just use it(shove down my throat). Own up the support issues and help bring down my costs and increase your spread. Get folks who understand both business and technology. Let us know at what is coming down which can potentially make us commodity. Be honest about it.

I bring you x $, you provide me 0.20%x. No really – make the partnership work in a simple way. Right now this model is challenging to say the least. At times –
build/test/bill model is a challenge to agility. Let us find a way to make the adoption faster.

Here is shoutout to Vijay who recently joined MongoDB and he correctly points out “lack of lever”  with both customer and seller – there is no complexity. http://andvijaysays.com/2014/03/25/are-we-there-yet-cant-wait-to-start-my-new-adventure/

In cloud based setup it is much more stark.

What do ISVs trying to bring their solutions to Cloud want ?

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