Is poet the best person to render his poem?

Yes. He has the context. He has the “rhythm”. In case of Suresh Bhat who wrote ghazals, poems, songs in marathi recites his 

आता जगायाचे असे माझे किती क्षण राहिले ?
माझ्या धुळीचे शेवटी येथे किती कण राहिले ?

Now how many of my livable moments are left, how many of my incinerated being left

हदयात विझला चंद्रमा, नयनी न उरल्या तारका
नाही म्हणायाला तुझे हे आपुलेपण राहिले !

The moon of the heart has set,the stars of the night left the eyes

I was left with your warmth <nope not the right translation>

होता न साधा एवढा जो शब्द मी तुजला दिला
एकाच शब्दाला उभे आयुष्य तारण राहिले !

The word I gave , my whole life was indebted to it.

ते लोक होते वेगळे घाईत जे गेले पुढे
मी मात्र थांबुन पाहतो- मागे कितीजण राहिले ?

Those who left were in hurry and turning back I do not see many.

On the same note The despair of person on cusp of his life’s sunset is also reminiscent in Grace’s ती गेली तेव्हा रिमझिम

अंगणात गमले मजला संपले बालपण माझे
खिडकीवर धुरकट तेव्हा कंदील एकटा होता

But many of his poems, ghazals reflected hopes dashed, of disappointment, of ideals replaced by cheap desires.
Many of them reflected in our own personal spaces.

इतकेच मला जाताना सरणावर कळले होते-
मरणाने केली सुटका जगण्याने छळले होते !

On the corner came to know death unleashed me, it was the life which had chained me

To lighten up the mood here is Ustad Taari Khan –

Other set of links Tadeusz Rozewicz – Passed away recently.After Czesław Miłosz and Zbigniew Herbert most significant poet to write simple, moving stuff. The polish struggle between war, communism, nazism is all reflected differently across them. I wonder why they awarded Nobel to only one of them.

A translation of his poems by Ashok Bajpayi. ( is great resource)

And then Spoken story of Geeta Shri by Mamta Singh of Yunus/Mamta from Katha Pathak

Is poet the best person to render his poem?

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