Which cricket batsmen are similar?

This is one of those posts where time taken to jot it down is more than time it takes to show stuff. After presenting at GIDS I was involved with bunch of gentleman who had simple argument about which cricket batsmen are similar.

I used http://import.io to strip down the statistics from cricinfo.com (thanks to both firms) for just top 50 batsmen.

Data is present at here.

The simple code is here.

As the plot shows :

# Sachin is in different league, Ponting/Kallis/Dravid are together
# Bradman, hutton, jayasuria, gayle are clustered together. (was expecting Gary sobers, Richards too)
# Richards, Hayden, Sehwag though are clubbed together.
# Expected Laxman to be with Dravid, Kallis but he is with Inzy and Javed – that is definitely a surprise.
# That other reliable player M yousuf is with G. Greenidge and C Loyd – great company Another surprising tidbit is that Pietersen is grouped together with D. Gower, Boycott and Clarke.

# Yes Maxwell comes together with Hayden, Symond in T20 grouping. But this is because we are considering everything including strike rate, sixes, not outs etc. There is a cricketer  Bosman – who has similarities with this group. Never heard of him earlier. (t20 data cleaned up and present for playing around there itself)

# Although views can change based on kind of algorithm one chooses say for example ward  but I like this biased. 🙂

A note about Import.io – it just works and helps you learn the patterns and very nicely appends data which is similar.

Which cricket batsmen are similar?

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