What I learnt from Vinod, Anand & Pinal’s session at GIDS

Pinal & Vinod are the star speakers in their own right. I have seen them prepare, how they create very powerful connect with attendees. They also put in lot of work into look and feel of the presentation and pack  it with lot of laughter,fun and important concepts.

Today’s session on MySql was one of them – he started with simple count and ended up with join orders. Things which people can use everyday. He explained issues around the nature of the mysql where folks coming from oracle and sqlserver face surprises. His request was to work with mysql rather than fighting against it (that map idea was good Pinal).

Vinod on other hand went deep into the PowerBI world. He has been at it for last year and perfected the delivery BI on your terms as we call it. He takes the most widely used tool to show how every day analysis of data can be done very simply inside Excel. He started with simple search and adds up layer of pivots, visualizations and ends up with the crown – Q n A. By this time everybody realizes tomorrow is going to be like this – where end-users can just ask the question and visualization is presented to them intuitively.

So once again thank you.

Anand on other hand is the calmest speaker I have ever seen. He brings out data driven stories which highlight issues, evoke emotions like surprise, laughter. Wish One day I can bring that finish to my delivery. Today he went into election and had everybody in splits.

Usually I am all about what does not work and how to make it work and today was very different where I focused on simplest way of understanding ML. Fortunately most of the people stayed back till the end. All the efforts to make it simple without photographs, equations worked. Let us see how I can improve it.

What I learnt from Vinod, Anand & Pinal’s session at GIDS

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