Book Thoughts – Honoring the code – conversations with great Game designers

I was listening to rant on Ender’s Game and then somebody mentioned how new games on devices are  repeating the same sprite stuff without learning from older generation. For long time reading up on Gaming folks was more of real search and read opinions on the forums. Unlike a beautiful series of code,data, visualization – gaming was sort of pushed into “always there”.  I always had great respect for gaming folks who conjured up whole new world and allowed interactivity not possible in movies, comic books. It also included faculties of music, art to push the boundaries.

I had a chance to read a book which has collection of interviews with great game designers by Matt Barton from crc-press 


Books covers the ground from known (John Carmack/Romero) to unknown(Ralph baer) and sidelined (Howard Scott). It also goes over to the game designers for women – Nancy Drew stories.

It covers the reality of today – devices to consoles at least from some folks who are open to the new world/techniques. It covers the lament where lessons of yesteryear have been forgotten.

Contains great anecdotes like – people taking shortcut through interviews(and making up through hardwork), or supreme commander’s -use-media to get the word out.

It covers advice from these very seasoned folks in concise manner – crisp answer – do hard work and focus on simple things to begin with and follow your heart.

Very relevant information right upto TinyWings discussion. This is where you tend to nod as you have grown from 4 colors, 256 colors, midi cards, soundblaster, mysts and age of empire, diablo .

Games were the place where I personally understood application of algorithms/data structures in crudest way.


Focuses too much on RPG games and American point of view bar one Englishman Jon Hare.

Almost no interview with pure arcade folks or Japanese guys who I would tend to believe it had parallel culture. I guess author had tough job collecting them and putting through the editing process.  So I would still wait for the part 2.

Book Thoughts – Honoring the code – conversations with great Game designers

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