Teched 2013 – Bengaluru & Pune

TechEd 2013 is here, wow ten years on and I have been involved with TechED India as speaker, organizer. It has been a great ride and for last few years we have tried different things. Main theme being getting people different from MS background getting invited to speak.
This year again we have
1. Rajat(ex vertica dev) and Siva(greenplum query optimization guru) talking about Hosted Data platform(Qubole) – on how their customers are using the platform and finding it useful and changes they are making to provide scale and performance.(yes that is big Data coverage, we are covering HDInsight in data track)
2. S. Anand – famed and very well known speaker/data scientist sharing his wisdom on how data with right kind of visualization drives pragmatic insights in compressed time.
3. Saurabh Gupta from HFI – takes on UX and explains misconceptions that he has seen over years.
4. Amit Bahree & Ramkumar from Avanade – explain their take on how to develop multi-device applications using various toolsets. (we tried really hard to get Xamarin )
5. Mandar Kulkarni from Netmagic will try to share his experience around managing/provisioning datacenters.
6. Pete Brown is travelling all the way from US to share tips around building LOB apps on Windows 8 platform.

We have bunch of Sharepoint/O365 sessions lined up as we have new release on both fronts.
1. Abhisek & Aniruddh will share what has changed in new platform and what should/can be migrated.
2. Abhisek will also be doing a lap around 0365 explaining new feature sets relevant to SI/ISV crowd.
3. Amartya from Infosys plans to share best practices in development/deployment for Sharepoint culled from years of sweat and blood. (only in Bangalore)

Then we do have Azure related session by Sudhanshu Hate from Infosys around creating hybrid applications on Azure platform. (only in Pune)

How can we forget the data platform

Vinod Kumar delves into Availability options in SQL server 2012. He will go in deep as I know he was planning to write a book around the subject.

Dates –
Bengaluru – 18/19th March
Pune – 25/26th March

Website –

What I could not achieve 

Functional language coverage 😦 – sadly one of the most experienced person is in Pune but we could not cover t&e. Clojure rocks ! (BigML/Cascalog is elegant)
Javascript – Again css/js is the future for long term and wished we could cover it.
Fun Stuff – Kinect based fun stuff – again lack of t&e

Machine learning too was dropped as the key person was offline :(.

Teched 2013 – Bengaluru & Pune

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