Poetry and Coursera

I love poems/short stories and pick them up from time to time when I get some solitude.  Following are 2 poems (one by W. Stevens and another by Bodhisattva in hindi).  Then there is a link for coursera for poetry.

Continual Conversation With A Silent Man (Wallace Stevens)

The old brown hen and the old blue sky,
Between the two we live and die–
The broken cartwheel on the hill.

As if, in the presence of the sea,
We dried our nets and mended sail
And talked of never-ending things,

Of the never-ending storm of will,
One will and many wills, and the wind,
Of many meanings in the leaves,

Brought down to one below the eaves,
Link, of that tempest, to the farm,
The chain of the turquoise hen and sky

And the wheel that broke as the cart went by.
It is not a voice that is under the eaves.
It is not speech, the sound we hear

In this conversation, but the sound
Of things and their motion: the other man,
A turquoise monster moving round.

A course for poetry is on coursera –  http://blog.coursera.org/post/44385047250/my-coursera-experience-modern-poetry-for-a-physics

A poem about a poem by Bodhisattva (from jankipul)

कमजोर कविता
वह एक कमजोर कविता थी
कवि उसे छिपाता फिरता था
कुछ बहुत कमजोर विचार थे उसमें
कहने के लिए कुछ थोड़े शब्द थे घिसे पिटे
न अलंकार था न छंद न समास
नीरस सी जहाँ-तहाँ रूखे भाव उफनाए से दिखते थे उसमें।
उस कविता में न थे गंभीर तत्व
ऐसे ही थी जैसे बेस्वाद पापड़-चटनी-अंचार।
वह बहुत कमजोर कविता थी
जैसे असुंदर बीमार बेटी
जैसे कुरूप कर्कशा पत्नी
जैसे अपाहिज औलाद
जैसे मंद बुद्धि बैठोल पति
जैसे धूल धूसर जर्जर घर
जैसे फूटी ढिबरी
जैसे खेत ऊसर बंजर अनुर्वर
(read rest on the link above)
Poetry and Coursera

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