Hive article & Azure adoption article

I recently wrote an article for DotNetCurry – putting down experiences with Azure migration pivots.

I will be jotting down experience and basics of hadooponAzure in same way.

I intend to cover how to look at hadoop from database user’s point of view. It will cover storage, query & loading of Data using apache projects such as pig/hive. We will try not get down to map-reduce jobs as starting point as they tend to cloud the judgement for adoption for administration/developers familiar with SQL dialect. They depend on it to define schema, query. We will cover availability (strongest point of hdfs), scalability (hdfs -easy adding of nodes) , querying (pig/hive) . This article will not cover machine learning, performance tuning of hdfs/mr jobs, installation, management/monitoring.

I will try to publish a link to the word document with errata for the azure article here one of the days.

Hive article & Azure adoption article

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