Flipkart & 5th Elephant – BigData event

Flipkart and its submission for talks at 5th elephant – a BigData event puts them way above rest. I have never seen any firm bare and share so much about technology stack. Last time I attended hasgeek event they shared how they scale, next time they talked about front end work. The sheer # of talks & spectrum is immense this time around.

If I was a startup – this is like a crash course in getting the right thinking. I have not seen its famed bigger international lookalike/potential local competition ever share these many details , closest firms which are like them are netflix (@adrianco) or linked in to an extent. Twitter is ahead in terms of sharing the tools with everybody else.

This goes very well with Kiran’s well written article – there he talked about sharing the source when there could be potential of misuse, outright piracy. Flipkart on other hand is sharing its moving pieces at least by talking about them. Very-2 bold imho.

Flipkart & 5th Elephant – BigData event

2 thoughts on “Flipkart & 5th Elephant – BigData event

  1. You will find a lot more information here – http://www.quora.com/Mekin-Maheshwari/Flipkart-Technology

    The continuous deployment presentation from Pankaj is especially insightful – http://www.slideshare.net/pankajkaushal1/continuous-deploymentatflipkart

    Other technology companies that I have seen do a lot of this are – Etsy, ThoughtWorks.

    We use Open Source a LOT, and the least we can do is contribute to the community with our learnings. Though I do expect us to contribute to Open Source this year.

    1. govindkanshi says:

      Thanks Mekin – for sharing the links and I was certainly reminded of grace when you answered on quora about the “range of technologies”. And yes I did attend Pankaj’s session. Honestly with depth and breadth of information – your VCs can take simply invite other “invested startups” to learn/adapt right things. Hopefully this culture/trend will continue and influence host of others.

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