Session summary at TechED 2012 – NoSql(Non Relational Store) for relational person

Like every year I opted for session delivery. One of the session was picked up at last minute and the organizers (Harish/Saranya) approved it immediately. Unfortunately I was little late, anyway scrambled a bit and got the deck and demos up. But I did not pray to demo Gods. Right from display to connectivity to remote server everything played up – this after checking the display 2 days ago and connectivity everything working till last minute. I had backup connection too.

Big learning

Backup for network is another network, but backup for machine is needed. If possible locally. Just don’t remote into different server machines for demo – however comfortable it is at other times.

So anyway this session is 101 for people who are comfortable with relational databases and want to understand why/when/what to use in their scenarios. I chose Redis, Riak, MongoDB, Azure storage/SQL Azure to showcase for 2 min exploration each as this could not have been tutorial for them. I did not have time to explore the MPP/Columnar stores or get deep into how, idea was to convey – why/when and the possible impact. I also did not get into amazon store(s) or coherence, inmemory db etc.

I chose Redis – as it brings familiarity of memcached/velocity, Riak because it is sort of everything from kv,document to search store and ability to add/delete nodes is simple/powerful. I chose MongoDB to just de-mystify the storage – access via indexes/mr of javascript.

Whole idea was to help folks contrast these stores with Relational store from pov of what they are comfortable with (indexes, joins, acid, schema,
monitoring, management). One of the simplest way to skin is to ask question about range queries, index/updates.

Here is the link to the presentation –

Session summary at TechED 2012 – NoSql(Non Relational Store) for relational person

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