Annoying @smarx

Steve Marx posted – , I needed to get my mind off clear present boredom. Gnutools ( helped a lot.

To annoy @smarx – I needed to get all the “references” to the image so that I could do a simple get on them.  I followed following

Get the url content.

1. curl -o > page2.txt

Get all https references

2. grep -o “[‘]https://[^[:space:]]*[‘$]” page2.txt > links2.txt

Remove all references to quotes

3. sed s/’//g links2.txt > links3.txt

Remove non essential urls

4.find “SetWallpaper” links3.txt > cleaned.txt

Just get them all

5. wget – wget –no-check-certificate -i cleaned.txt

Another idea was to really annoy smarx by creating vsts webscript  which I could keep executing till cows came home.

The only challenge that I saw was VSTS was doing request for ticket from servicebus etc…which I thought was not really required in this case.

WebTestRequest request5 = new WebTestRequest("");
request5.ThinkTime = 12;
request5.Method = "POST";
request5.Headers.Add(new WebTestRequestHeader("SOAPAction", "\"http://Microsoft.STS.STSWeb/RepLookup\""));
request5.QueryStringParameters.Add("MSURS-Client-Key", "WY4Moa9cz7fn1iOp5HVkPQ%3d%3d", false, false);
request5.QueryStringParameters.Add("MSURS-Patented-Lock", "N2kJLJI9LH4%3d", false, false);
StringHttpBody request5Body = new StringHttpBody();
request5Body.ContentType = "text/xml; charset=utf-8";
request5Body.InsertByteOrderMark = false;
request5Body.BodyString = @"<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="""" xmlns:xsi="""" xmlns:xsd="""" xmlns:soapenc=""""><soap:Body><RepLookup xmlns=""http://Microsoft.STS.STSWeb/""><G>{2CEDBFBC-DBA8-43AA-B1FD-CC8E6316E3E2}</G><O>{6C2BDA4A-56C4-4105-9634-3EEB51D49562}</O><P>{AAE07637-72AE-4759-AA9C-128BA0B99828}</P><D>8.0.6001.9</D><C>8.00.6001.18669</C><S>6.1.7600.0.0</S><I>8.0.7600.16385</I><L>en-US</L><R xmlns:q1=""http://Microsoft.STS.STSWeb/"" soapenc:arrayType=""q1:Rq[1]""><Rq><T>URL</T><R></R><O>POST</O><W>FRAME</W></Rq></R></RepLookup></soap:Body></soap:Envelope>";
request5.Body = request5Body;
yield return request5;

Now to the F#’s famous |> operator, that should be quick.

Annoying @smarx

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