New Chapter for sister

In those 15 days
Oba-mao was in appeasing mood in China
“Vastraharan” completed 5000 acts ( a long running marathi drama)
Black friday sucked in the shoppers in US

Somewhere in Borivili, Mumbai India – My younger sister got married to Vinod at small function. Marriage was attended by closest of relatives and friends at Mumbai(around 500 folks).

Wishing the very best to Vinod & Nanda on the journey ahead.

Most important people to thank are Manisha and Umesh Dada, Sunita & Datta Anna.

Thanks to everybody who made their presence felt physically and virtually. Off course the almighty who made sure every process went off smoothly as possible.

 What will I miss?
My nagging target every morning about the size of the purse
My target for funny/irritating comments while she tried to relax watching a movie/tv serial/reading a book
My target for comments on driving/mumbai as place for commute-stay as she tried to justify the place,
My friend who understood when something was amiss
Who could read kannada better than me
Who could take care of parents without they ever missing me – seriously.
Who could take instant decisions about direction in life or even shopping (she never spends more than 30 mins for any kind of shopping)
Who faced challenges heads on and became independent without any support  and now has taken conscious decision to be at home for some time. (I wish I had this agility of thought, action and discipline)

Photos – ( only the backup camera photos are here, pro photos expected in another month)

New Chapter for sister

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