Movie / Food Log

Movie – The last dance(Mandarin – english subtitles) – a multi-layered movie with protagonist who is cursed to kill. Movie story telling takes places across chasms of time, a sort of nobody’s viewpoint. At times this gets unnerving as you do not know what is real, but dawns slowly you are on one way train which is heading for inevitable crash. 

Food – Oye Amritsar has great portions but terrible service. The getup of the place is reminescent of roadside dhaba complete with movie posters and advertisements. The place has entrance  made of guess what – truck’s parts.  Koftas were honest attempt as was daal makhani. Apparently the meat is succulent and wonderful (but I can’t comment further details).

Toscanos – Great place – Awesome food – right from the soup with pieces of vegetables, bruschetta and choice of wines. Pizza was good enough for 2 people and done wonderfully.  We did not go for sangria there though – we waited for Ani’s awesome Sangria !! Thanks Ani/Reshma.

Udupi – Krishna – next to Jyoti Niwas college – special food thali on sat is nothing but normal south indian thali + juice + icecream + dosai, + bhajji.  Avoid it – go for the tiffin/tindi items directly.  They are closed on sundays.

Movie / Food Log

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