Movies – Mid year check

1. Waltz with Bashir
2. Tell no one
3. Frozen river
4. Paranoid park
5. The bank job(Escapist – ocean’s 15?)
6. In Bruge
7. There will be blood
8. No country for old men( little bit voilent compared to older movies from brothers, but still a notch above anything else)
9. To End all Wars (No movie conveys the utter disdain for war as tool of change – the suffering is this time for POWs  )
10. Gone baby gone (Ben Afleck – the director — curiosity killed the …)
11. Michael Clayton ( finally clooney does himself a favor – wonderfully edited movie )

From Constant Tong (via fb connect – thanks buddy) – 25 July 2009

Curious case of Benjamin Button,
Revolutionary Road,
The Reader 
Charlie Wilson’s War (from last year).
Chinese movie, Red Cliff

Movies – Mid year check

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