New crusaders at work ! Don’t disturb

Again – masses under influence of Buddhism are getting enlightened. How lucky they are to be liberated from their slumber and the culture. Centuries ago another religion did it under the influence of sword, other uses the latest techniques to compile the data , do targeted thoughts bombing by implying how they are inferior and not getting the benefits and how changing the garb will get them to the promised land.  All the conservatives need not go far to think how people get “sanction” to execute x things based on certain book, it is present right inside their town looking for next target.  Only now it is more sophisticated compared to the spanish work of god in americas. 

The state machinery in Andhra pradesh is moving ahead to help the ministeries.

On other hand we have pseudo-secularists gunning for Varun.  English channels/newspapers/liberal jnu alumni have lost the pulse of people on field. Agreed Varun was pre-pestarous, but how do the politicians apathetic to the bread and butter causes – bypass all that and raise something more raw. It is easier. Look at what Raj Thackrey gets – he was struggling to get candidates to fight from his party.  That is how democracy works.  If Varun was ignored – he would not have become phenomenon that he has. His 15 mins are more of us vs them (family matter) as he thinks he is the real inheritor of fire-brand father and dictator grand mother.  Unfortunately now even Mayavati is afraid of the swing in that whole area. 

Look up for your joe plumber guys, shh he does not reside in apartment with swimming pool, backup generator and does not have four wheeler of choice. He is the one who knows black and white, he might have suffered corruption, nepotism but hates the uncertainity of terrorism and cares for safety of family.

New crusaders at work ! Don’t disturb

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