Bobby da dhaba

How can one describe a place where owner has choicest statements like following

“महाराज क्या खाओगे

महाराज परोठा क्या वेला ही खाओगे

महाराज एक नहीं प्लेट में दो पराठे मिलते हैंगे

मठा नहीं लोगे महाराज

ओये एक आराम नाल प्लेन मार

ओये छेती भुर्जी ते दाल दे ओथे २ नंबर पे

३०-४५ मिनट वेट है महाराज आपका नंबर आयेगा तो आपको ही बुलाएँगे

सबकुछ मिलेगा टेबल पर महाराज, आपको देंगे तो बाहर सबको देना पड़ेगा

महाराज मैं अपनी इज्जत तो बेच आया हूँ

पैक तो अंग्रेजी खाने को किजेगा, हमारे यहाँ आपको सब टेबल पर ही मिलेगा

पैक तो मैंने अपने बाप को नहीं कित्ता है

Food is heavenly and created by people who love their craft and are focussed on serving people great food at great cost.  Ambience reminds you of all the railway station eatery joints (outside railway stations) or the forsaken dhabas. But the smell of butter and people’s undivided attention to the food on plate creates an aura of rare confidence. Certainly not the place where recently phoren returned or on vacation nri or indian resident high attitude locals can be taken. It just has 3 lines by 3 tables with stools to provide comfort to your behind. It has roof barefit of proper support and helps in providing sense of emergency , in case it just falls down while you are relishing the food. I would like to think that the atmosphere has been created to help you focus on food.

The cost for two never crosses 150 even if you go overboard with desserts/dahi/2 matthas/2 plate of parothas/side dish – makhani, compare this with bloody expensive pizzas,  and subway sandwiches which literally extort the money out of your wallet. These franchises are extreme examples of  exploitation of local  cheap resources (people/food items) and then charging locals a bomb. These buggers should go and try a mattha which is family serving size and can easily serve 3 if you compare  normal drinks “served” with expensive eateries.  Best timings are weekdays, weekends are good if you reach before 1 in the afternoon and expect lunch wait times upto 1.5 hrs. later on.

Bobby da dhaba

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