Movie Log 2009

Thanks to utvworldmovies – I am watching better movies.

1. Department 36 – French thriller – This was a surprise because genuine thrillers coming from France were rare in recent years. This provided plenty of edge of seat action and drama. Gerard Depardieu in genuine role after long time as one of the police officers competing for the post of chief with Daniel Auteuil. Movie traces the cost of jealousy, greed and plain apathy. It raises questions about ethics of methods deployed to produce “pr” worthy “newslines” and impact on people who actually perform them. How professional life gets intwined with personal? Some of the questions remain unanswered – but overall journey is awesome.

2. Lives of others -(German, 2006) – A subtle take on a paranoid society. A society which is clearly anguished and fractured by constant demands on their will and right to live. Former GDR was hotbed of spies, counterspies and “rebels” who needed “re-learning”. Some of the scenes are demeaning enacted to encite purile response. Is it worth watching? More than ever…as we become more “rationalized” and want simple “us” vs “problem kids” via information aggregation and tagging of personal items (audio/video/pictures).  Something like this in hands of few lowers the bar for abuse.  Personal view – I still think GDR had something good to offer – was the whole country painted in bad way? Are folks any better now without the “skills” to survive the “marriage” with FDR.

3. American Flyers (via Warner Brothers Channel)   – A movie worth watching for bicycle racing scenes (based on coors classic) in last half hour. Movie stars earlier Kevin costner( this guy has done more sport movies than others ?)  pushing younger brother to meaningful life. It is cheesy in many places – remember it is 80s :).  But the racing scenes shot from innovative angles add up for watchability.

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Movie Log 2009

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