Who watches the watchers?

The post which created the storm in certain media house.  Without bias/reading further do you think by any chance it was out of line? It is a viewpoint shared by millions of customers of this behemoth.

We have NDTV crying horse over Mangalore incident, but here they come and put a gag order on concerned citizen like million others. May be it is time to do poll on the trust and veracity people have today for media (especially – Indian – english news channels) and please do not publish it, as BJP would say(do chintan) – analyze the dumbfounding results.

It is okay for you to to put “blanket breaking headline” – Talibanxxxx Hinduxxx but not take valid criticism ?

Who was protesting the orders from government few days ago on not to publish the “live” news/views?

So what is next – gag people’s thinking which if you take a pulse today will validate and echo what he penned down.What happened to the admiral who voiced dissent?

Common factor of  rundhatis and pseudo journalists – delirious delusion !  Just play right into the right wing :). Don’t agree ! so demonize.

Tejpal was brought down more by his colleagues in the profession not standing up for him.  (inspite of the technique used there to lure). But now mainstream television media is getting carried away with its delusion of grandeour.

Apologies Chetya – I am not linking anywhere to original post.

Here is Patrix http://www.desipundit.com/2009/01/28/blogger-silenced-by-ndtv/

Extremely enjoyable “Adventures of certain Xutt” – http://2x3x7.blogspot.com/2009/01/further-adventures-of-hark-dabutt.html – How long before a spoof ends up youtube 🙂

Lekhni http://elekhni.com/2009/01/a-bedtime-story-about-blog-freedom/

Slanderous rumour ? – http://penpricks.blogspot.com/2008/10/la-nd-tv.html (nah – just facts)

Traditional Media stance – http://www.bloggernews.net/119586

Different levels of journalists – http://gautamghosh.net/2009/01/31/for-the-people/

(Congress went ahead awarded the pseudosecularist who will sing their tune – what about the hundred others working in traditional regional media? )

Update – 8 Feb 2009 – NDTV pulled its own article 😦 expected behavior ? . But here is the PDF.

Who watches the watchers?

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