Oil firms – past & present ills

Oil firms have played God many times through the troubled history. But in recent times many of the big name firms have put on plastic smile and “diplomatic” “green” jacket. All this to ensure good press. Unlike other firms, you really can’t ban their output/product. I personally don’t visit the shell and related firms as of yet(we have local refiners :)) . But it is hopeless  – these guys have massive influence and control pretty much everything.  Great media circus is done to do the eyewash.

As in case of SHELL,

It’s bizzare definition of sustainability , how can one forget the Indonesian Mess.

Amazing ad – stretching the truth?

Ever seen Shell doing real help – forget that, that is for other foolish people. Without doing lot of media hype about it.

Forget if third world country suffers – just do your own thing.

History of Shell – little dated but still just plain facts.

Perpetuating the myth of do-gooder.

Shell and dirty tar oil – and the campaign to overcome negativity. (In July 2007, the Dutch Advertising Code Authority (Holland is Shell’s home nation) ordered the company to withdraw the flowers ad, determining that it is a “misleading environmental claim” .) Just pure awesome truth business – use destructive seismic exploration – kill the marine ecosystem and then comeback and release a feel good ad with fishes in the aquarium.

Past of Oil firms, it has never been in the interest of the firms to actually promote a real alternative just like tobacco firms. Keeping cheap low oil at any cost under complete control is key to vehicle industry which in turn fuels the loan firms and bond people for life onto “independence” – which is actually a bondage.Very much like bloodied diamond, gold firms which leave the local places in Africa bare and naked.

Good read on oil firms and the most recent culprit – Haliburton.

Monopoly and other art of deception , public relations were perfected by Oil firms way before anybody.

One of many good books on Oil firms – Most of these books explore how oil firms denude the local resources and push their suckers to misrule, not close to what many folks complain about other “evil” firms. These oil firms have perfected the art and found out way to be suave about it.

Wonga war – Thatcher’s son involvement – this is the juiciest of the books. Low on iq but reads like james hadley novel 🙂

century of war

Oil and politics in gulf of guinea – How firms get cosy with local ruthless dictators and push the local populace out of action for generations

Oil wars – good analysis of how oil firms entangle and cause aggravation of local nations.

poisoned wells – if you have seen blood diamond or even cared to glance through this month’s National geographic – multiply all the sins of the “firms” who blind eye to everything there and without remorse exploit the place and that is Oil firm and people. Unfortunately many of them are ignorant and outright arrogant about good deeds and “exploration” and only involvement in “design”.

Prize (little biased towards oil firms) – so read (Seven sisters)

Oil firms – past & present ills

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