Day -2 at Rural BPO Fostera – Channathanur

I have had chance to be at this BPO outpost as a pilot project gets underway. The setup is neat and works. It has server and 20 odd machines (with legal software) and working network connection. It employs local folks for doing data entry work and the pride of these people who want to do the right thing shows. They are sometimes humbled by the apathy of the network provider but the enthusiasm and desire to complete the work is amazing.
Tamilnadu does things right most of the time.  I am humbled by the spirit of the common folks again.
Update – Working here feels no different in glass/cement enclosure. Added bonus here is the home food from the attached canteen and excellent support staff. Actually if you are engrossed in work – you will forget you are in rural setting, personally I like the rural environ and hope they get more projects to embark to greater heights.
Day -2 at Rural BPO Fostera – Channathanur

8 thoughts on “Day -2 at Rural BPO Fostera – Channathanur

  1. Hari S says:

    Hi Govind

    Am just starting to read up about rural bpo’s and your terse though teasing blog above tells me I need to talk to you to know exactly how it works! (given that you are on the ground, and in TamilNadu…I’m from Chennai). Could you ping my email id and we can connect up.
    look fwd to…

  2. Hari S says:

    Thanks for the response
    My email id is And am looking to know where to start, how is the potential…all of the generic info….as much as you can spare me the energy for! Once I get a response from you at my email id, I can share my cell number

    1. govindkanshi says:

      Ok – Now that is not something I have whole load of information on. This particular initiative is something jumpstarted by erstwhile DC Dr. Santhosh Babu to tap into educated workforce, good connectivity and ample power supply. So they are actively looking for clients who are willing to offload work to rural centers.

  3. Yeshwanthrao says:

    Hello Govind,

    I want to know more about Rural BPO and Setup. My plan is to concentrate in and around Madurai, Theni and Virudhunagar and tap the market. Please let me know your contact information.


    1. govindkanshi says:

      Thanks Mr YeshwantRao,
      My suggestion would be to contact Mr. Ashok who is the ceo of Fostera who is instrumental in Business development and day to day operations of these. I have view pertaining to end user of these setups. The challenge will lie in getting and sustaining revenue stream.

  4. kumar says:

    capri1 said:
    The idea of rural BPO sounds good to the ears, but how many would have experianced the advantages and have seen the operational and growth success of them.

    1.Low employee cost.
    2.Peaceful surroundings.
    3.Employees joining the BPO is more for personal reasons than corporate designed HR strategy(consistency in quality manpower is questionable) to meet the demand in case of attrition especially skilled and experianced.

    1.Experainced managers and technical staff extremely difficult to find due to low wages and in case of attrition .(Rural BPO industry is still people centric and depends always on few people who are committed by passion, Is passion replicatable model for matured organisations???)
    2.No proper support from hubs either technical, training & development or mentoring of staff working in rural areas.
    3.In case of worst case scenerio, like organsation not doing well, folks working in the corporate centers pack up things well and quit while those working in villages find it very difficult to get jobs due to locational disadvantage and movement.
    4.Familiies of experianced staff working in villages suffer with poor amenities, education of children and safety. While families in cities become competitive and have better advantages over years..
    5.Employees skills become obsolete, due to no proper rural bPO methodology model in the industry.
    6.New hires are lured with higher postions for lesser experiance and wages, while senior managment enjoy the industry standards working in cities and industry equal pay. All these will dilute the work and organisational ethics in long run.

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