SSIS continues to SUCK

It forgets the settings on the datasources. It forgets just a sec back it could access the database without any problem. It forgets to remove old metadata. It is the messiest tool ever.

I worked with it during SQL 2005 – it scaled heights of  absurdity then, It continues to match 2008 version. It is not worth spending time.

I am going back to bcp. It is a pain but I at least get reasonable answers.

On Windows 2008 – it requires you to execute the package as admin as it can’t access perfmon counters(no don’t ask which ones). The execute package utility is sham – it can’t remember it needs to set the /X86 option if it sees the jet oledb provider if either the source or target is on 64 bit machine. Now don’t even get me started on 64 bit provider option – it is a shame that most of the people get/accumulate data through mdb, but 64 bit provider does not exist.

The errors are thrown are gem – CANTACQUIRE…connection – but prey few mins ago – you did without sweat.

No I am not the only one.

SSIS continues to SUCK

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