Malaysia – Persecution by any name – Gujarat going in same direction

Malaysia has had the growth and prosperity (tourism industry/natural resources)  but mired by the religious ambivalence and controlled political uncertainity. Recently Indian media bypassed the incident of the certain outfit taking out procession.  Malaysia does not recognize the marriage between muslim and non muslim folks. (this is popular idea being applied in reverse in state of Gujarat – Hindu and muslim). As usual non chalant politicians on either side made the statements without any purpose. (look for malaysian law minister/ and karunanidhi (state with maximum folks migrated from)).  There is lot of information on how ethnic chinease or christian converts, budhists are mistreated (job quotas/land allotment/enforcement of culture).

The challenge with Malaysia is deeper, base of religion and non recognition of opposition of anykind (religion/political views -remember the Anwar ibrahim and MAhathir mohammed issue, try to go back in history how Malaysia decided to get away from pact with Singapore and control the access to resources.)

Atanu makes salient point which will be lost in the sounds of cricket/reality song-dance shows and irrelevant talk shows around bollywood (amitabh/shahrukh rivalary  and all the important things of the world).

No India has had her own problems – tribals beaten/paraded naked up by assamese folks in the cities. You would be challenged to find single reporter in the Indian media covering the news as it is far away and non glamorous (off course they showed how people were photographing the naked woman or people getting beaten up or shahrukh getting new hair-do). There was no informed discussion but inflamed talks ensued on gujarat election. Forget it folks Modi is going to win it, and gujaratis are self justified like the flawed nazi democratical election. They have good roads, stole water from Maharashtra/Madhya pradesh (remember patkar who was defaced and personally attacked) massive malls and heavy investment – pretty much like the Nazis – and they share one more common trait – hate of community and false sense of pride.

Before anyone tries – We have Babu bajrangi claiming on television – protecting the hindu pride by not allowing them to get married to muslims and personal rescue of x brides. Let us extend this protection to inter caste too 🙂 as many of the right wing nuts want.

[update] – 2008 Nov – Malaysia moves into ban yoga.  Maybe they should also ban their number system, since it originated here? Or ban chess ? Malaysia is on way

Razing the temple Malay way.

[update]- 2009 Jan – Now Indonesia moves in to ban Yoga 🙂.

Malaysia – Persecution by any name – Gujarat going in same direction

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