Batteries included has strong resonance

Gems of Python

Requirement – Find out immediately if the files are different and then point out the differences.

Solution – use – filecmp.cmp and then  difflib.ndiff. This is great for small size file.

a. filecmp.cmp(file1,file2,shallow=False))

x = file1.readlines(); file1.close()
z = file2.readlines(); file2.close()

for line in difflib.ndiff(x,z):
if line.startswith(“+”) or line.startswith(“-“):
2. Returning of multiple pieces of information.

Solution – use the return intuitively.

return 1, numfiles, thequeue  # just magic.

so at other side

status, numfilesprocessed,listprocessedfiles = funcname(params)

does the work.

3. Requirement : Working over two ordered lists

Solution – Use Zip.

for r, s in zip (vernaqueue,engqueue):
if False ==  (filecmp.cmp(r,s,shallow=False)):
fcompare(r, s,exfile)

4. Requirement – get list of lowercased complete filenames  of particular kind in a simple way

Solution : Sheer magic of list comprehension then move on to generators

extlist        = [“.mdb”]

location     = “some directory”

filelist        = (os.path.normcase(f) for f in os.listdir(location)) # map functionality

filelist        = (os.path.join(location,f) for f in filelist if os.path.splitext(f)[1] in extlist)

Batteries included has strong resonance

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