Mumbai 26/11 – 29/11 – aftermath – vultures are back – wounded country needs saviour

As usual after the tragedy, vultures of all kind are back.

Modi like Amar singh had audacity to “offer” 1 crore for the policemen who died in Mumbai’s event. Hemant Karakare’s family rejected just like Mohan Chand Sharma.

BJP at that time needed apology from Amar singh, (a vulture proposes, another disposes)

“BJP strongly condemns the highly irresponsible, shameful and unfortunate statement of Amar Singh. For his highly deplorable conduct Amar Singh must apologies to the nation,” party spokesperson Ravi Shanker Prasad said in New Delhi on Tuesday.”

Irony amongst all this is just few days back BJP had questioned his credentials when he picked up trail of Malegaon (involvement of hindu religious leaders, army person etc). He was praised earlier when he “solved” other blasts by same party.

Congress on other hand has blessed us with Shivraj patil who is leader of lame dodos rather than people and does not provide shade of confidence. He also does not have shame enough to work on his shortcomings and counts on the “blessings” of Janpath. I still have hope in Manmohan singh. But the cotiere around Adavani/Sonia is the one to look out for.

Where are Raj thackrey and his MNS, Amar singh, Lallu prasad, Mulayam singh, Nitish  and the ltte lovers – Karunanidhi/Vaiko’s ? They are all painted of the same hue and hate baiters of highest order .

The Arundhati Roys, Teesta sestlavads, Javed Akhtars, Shabana aazmis, mj akbars, historians from left/jnu  had managed to push the psyche of Hindu fringe groups with help of biased media where they eugolized the mughal period and its contribution and belittled everything Hindu. On top of it – the continued spate of bombings went unanswered due to criminal apathy of the political  class.

This system works and continues as politicians could pick and choose the voter banks and milk it. The Malegaon and other happenings were in all likelihood as admitted on national tv – ms. savarkar – a response.  Now this is horrible but one can’t go ahead and take it and paint the response as “liberals/leftists” have tendency to do. No it is not as bad the Nazi time where folks were persecuted by common man. But crying wolf has  become a favourite past time without a co-ordinated unbiased resolution.

One of the most important attribute which the apologists for the “root cause analysis”/attackers need to realize is that they need to get the particular community out of ghetto and “perceived persecuted” mentality. They can’t keep blaming everybody else for everything wrong with them and justify the maiming of people with unseen rewards of heaven/religion. They need longer and deeper introspection or else they are on verge of being forgotton/failed folks.

The other challenge is for the media/generic folks/political intelligentsia to give equal importance to happenings in the  for other locations  where these kind of events happen every 3rd day. Are smaller cities/towns/north east places are forgotten because they are far away? Or is south Mumbai so cocooned that they need it to awaken?

Why is NSG deployed for leeches like Mayavati, Mulayam singhs, Amar singhs, Shahabuddin, Munde, Antulay, Pawar? Who in right mind would like to join it to serve these folks?

Great posts –



(Via – bhadas -excellent question

हम एक बार फिर से ज़ंग जीत गए

लेकीन एक बड़ा प्रश्न के साथ

आख़िर हम कब तक अपनी ही जमीं पे जंग लड़ेगे

कारगिल, संसद और अब मुंबई)

We won another war, but with big question, till what time shall we win on our own soil?

Kargil/Parliament and now Mumbai.

Actually the entry which touched me and had resonance was this. In the same vein kataksh follows.

Slighly xtreme truth on slightly different topic dealing with the reality of vidarbh’s suicides. This is more sad in view of the gms/chrysler/citibanks/goldman sachs/aigs and others getting “rescued” but a poor subsistence farmer is not credit worthy or his dependence on rain and resources beyond his control not considered. He is put on the notice board and his belongings and house everything is up for sale and under Bank’s control.  What capitalism – very similar to private bus owners running only between profitable routes and leaving “connecting” and getting people from remote places to government. Or similar to telecom firms riding on the new “tech” and reaching the metros where margins/growth is better and leaving the poor regions to the bsnl. This is insensitive application of adam smith and keyne’s theories on unsuspecting folks without shared responsibilities. Shareholder responsibility does not give freedom from ethics and moral values.

VP Singh is dead – he was hero till he became part of the system –  – he was flawed like all of us.

The church and its work.

Another good entry.

Following is the link from earlier times – but I am not intelligent enough to comment on the nuances so it had to get flushed -Why garlic from china needs to go.

A very important piece around why Raj Thackrey gets certain kind of support in certain section of youth. There is genuine injustice done over years. One has seen this in the government where certain set of people are in more numbers. Unfortunately some folks still want to join the government. As usual Raj thackrey got this whole thing of injustice as fuel to put into his political “homa”. Just as Lallu/Paswan/Nitish/Mulayam/Mayavati/Advani/Modi/Pawar he wanted to get ahead in creating & sustaining a vote bank. This was the way to channelize the anger of this section of youth who could not get jobs anywhere. Now this is something most of the folks do not understand. The successive ministers have ensured a certain majority enters the department, thus disenfranchising other set of people.

“राजनीतिक विश्लेषक और पूर्व पत्रकार सुरेंद्र किशोर बिहारियों पर हो रहे हमले के लिए नीतिश कुमार और लालू यादव को ही पूरी तरह से जिम्मेदार ठहराते हैं. तीन बिहारी रेलमंत्रियों ने बिहारी लोगों को रेलवे में नौकरियां पाने में सहायता की. वोटबैंक की इस राजनीति ने महाराष्ट्र के लोगों के हितों को चोट पहुंचाई जिसके नतीजे में हालिया उग्र प्रतिक्रिया हुई है.

किशोर के मुताबिक 2003 में सेंट्रल रेलवे की नौकरियों में जहां 48 फीसदी बिहारियों को चुना गया था वहीं इनमें महाराष्ट्र से केवल चार फीसदी लोग ही शामिल थे. किशोर बताते हैं, ‘बिहारी एलआईसी और बैंकों में इतनी नौकरियों पाने में सफल नहीं हुए लेकिन राजनीतिक समर्थन के एवज में उन्हें सरकारी नौकरियां बड़ी आसानी से मिलती रहीं. बिहार के नेता ही बिहारियों पर हो रहे हमलों की मूल वजह हैं.

Now does this justify RR Patil’s outburst and Rahul’s death – in no uncertain terms BIG NO. That was injustice. period. Guilty should be brought to the book and attempts made from both sides to understand each other’s point of view and bridge the gap before the flow of hate becomes too massive.  This will prevent likes of Raj thackrey from coming in politics.

[update 30 nov] – Our amazing politician and chief minister – Mr. Deshmukh organizes a tour of the Taj for his son and Ram gopal verma. RR Patil trivilizes the issue just like Rahul Bose who said some thing similar – a city a like mumbai with millions of people an incident or two can happen (this is what mr patil spake) and we should be ready/expect more of them (these were the additional golden words of Rahul).  Rahul went on to point out why he does not want this incident to be used by government to draft draconian laws. His intention was right but choice of words was bad.

[update – 30 No] – IB did give information about suspicious talk on sat phone and sea route being used to Taj, government, Navy etc. None of them acted.

[update – 30 Nov] – Ironical – Film personalities sitting on Barakha Dutt’s show criticize visit of ram gopal verma to Taj. Bloody south Mumbaikars.

[update – 30 nov] – Nor surprising – NSG does not have aeroplane they have requested for their use. But Mayavati/Mulayam/Reddy/Deshmukh got the planes for personal use on taxpayer’s money.

Mumbai 26/11 – 29/11 – aftermath – vultures are back – wounded country needs saviour

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