Travesty of tragedy

As Chetan mentioned the delinquent media folks unleashed a terror campaign of their own with 45 hours non stop  verbal diarrhea.  I have never big fan of Barakha and her ilk acting condescendingly – I have put my views earlier last year.  They showered us with dumb, idiotic and disrespectful “commentry – a confused talkathon of their  peanut sized brain” and pushing the forces/harried hostages to provide sound bite. They had audacity of calling this event as India’s 9/11 as if algeria/Munich or own older sufferings were not “good enough”. They reached the zenith of incompetance when they provided running breaking news and headlines like

1. Ladega india

2. War on Mumbai

3. Terror unleashed

4. Mumbai under xxxx

5. War on India

6. India ki jung

They had audacity of putting blaring music like a cheap show from Ekta Kapoor and tried matching the witless Karan johar kind of movies with dramatic angles and unrelated, useless shots. The real heroes were the camera man who unleashed camera movements like never before and enjoyed unfrettered access to the hotel’s outside and the backend producers/production folks added the zing through rasterization, saturation, colors of blood and repeatition of the video – specially the van with shooters. (same guys produce the dumb criminal shows in the night anyway with bearded or clean shaven bamboostic hosts)

Thanks folks(NDVT, AajTak, CNN-IBN, SAhara, India News, ….) – you have desensitized an entire generation. (Update – Tehelka has better collected view on desensitization)

I am sure your bank balances are ringing billions as you took that vital break by requesting us to wait 🙂 hey let us play that ad.

Thanks for matching Ekta kapoor/Karan Johar for loudness/shrillness by  melodramatizing, asking silly , unresearched questions, goading the relatives to talk to hostages inside and giving their positions, showing and getting excited by the landing of the commandoes on rooftops(cnn-ndtv bimbos – actually said – this is like in holly wood movies – how exciting and dramatic and pushing the cameraman to break the perimeter – getting and touching the curtains at different angles – is that reporting?).

Thanks for inviting biased policitians/dumb bollywood folks and asking for the sound bytes. BJP’s Jaswant singh could not wait to push his displeasure about the inordinate delay. He conveniently forgot the Kandahar incident which started this. The Moily wanted to spin it. Amar Singh/Arjun Singh/Paswan/Mulayam singh and Thackrey clan remained shut inside without a single interview.

Western Media is amazing as usual – I now belive more of Israel when they complain of bias against them by BBC etc.

Western media painted as if this was important since only westerners were targeted(across us/uk/australia).They conveniently forgot there were lot of brown skinned commoners whose lives were abrupted.  Screw you folks ! You are no better than our dumb media.

Height of cnn’s impotence was Mr Chopra’s interview and his condescending advice for us to “work” with neighbour. He had balls to suggest that Hindu reprisal was due and he was sure Hindu extremists were involved earlier.  Just when did he become expert on foreign relations, India. Nobody gives him dog’s behind in India or elsewhere…

Off course there were “experts” talking about how India has always blamed a certain country and how minorites are treated here etc etc. And this event could be blamed for it.

Screw you folks – when it happens to you – you come and carpet bomb a country of existence, make up the WMD presence and install a puppet, you go ahead and send the “unmanned predators” to swipe the land clean off culprits.

Everybody knows one roadside nuclear arms trader Mr. A. Q. Khan, everybody knows the role of ISI over the years. When it happens over the years to us – it is somehow not true, it needs to be verified, it needs to be narrowed down to secluded vision like “Hindu India”  – “Right wing party “. When do we call republicans – right wing, when do we call you folks christian america?  You want to advice us not to escalate this, not to take action to destabilize the peace? What and which peace?

Christiane amanpour puts across her own views compared to the facts. How did these folks become journalists – Where is NPR/DD/AIR quality, stoic and insightful. Yes they were biased a little but less on rhetoric and emergency of 3 year old kid in the new found wonderland.

These arm chair experts, media nuts should hang their head in shame as they brought down the bar in every sense.

[updated] – faking news has great information.  I for one cannot forget why guardian/bbc/cnn quickly term everything on “themselves” as terrorist attacks but in India as unidentified gunmen/(no calling terrorists will be politically incorrect and saudi fund rolling will stop – does it sound like flamebait ? Off course it is – I am sick and tired of their biased view and condesceding behavior. ) For that matter sitting in Sydney the Australian media described the Indonesia as terror hub but this does not seem to be – it comes with all the “extra” information.

Balvinder captured it earlier wonderfully – Balvinder Singh’s description about what media was doing when Manekshaw died. Do not believe their “talk shows”/opinion polls. It feels revolting.

[update] Tehelka has the media on hook.

Travesty of tragedy

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