Boring work details

Just jotting down things to remember….

.Net 3.0 SP1(via Aaron Ruckman) is part of Vista SP1.

.Net 3.0 SP1 is also part of .NET 3.5 🙂

.Net 3.0 SP1 is only valid for Windows XP, Win2k3 servers which have the .NET 3.0.

Only in .Net 3.5 compilers have changed(bloated). Java too is taking the cue and adding load of features in next version.(heck their train is moving faster in terms of obliteration – read the “Java SE 5.0 is in its Java Technology End of Life (EOL) transition period” .

.Net 3.0 was wcf/wpf/wf. mvc etc is oob release for now

JayRock – Rocks

return Jayrock.Json.Conversion.JsonConvert.ExportToString(items);   // items is specialized collection of suggestions 🙂

The above line took care of my worries of returning a json string from httpHandler(ashx). I did not want to use the new WS-* (wcf) serializer good ness and muck around with configuration(morever suddenly in iis7 I was out of ideas on how to associate new .net 3.5 compiler – and worry creeped up on me about changing the runtime when it is not really required, i will mess with wcf and its webHttp/enablewebscript binding on another day). The whole declarative coding is pain for development unless it supports the evaluate (ala lisp/python/how much I need a “active command” window where I can try the code right in before including the configuration) right then and there. Too much of configuration blues with not enough help. Yeah powershell looks good but it is not yet a generic ide replacement.

Boring work details

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