Dish 3 (thanks to Sunanda ) Soya Nuggets recipe

I have started eating the soya nuggets after having aversion for them for decades. Sharing the recipe of my sister for these nuggets – verbatim

1. Soak soya nuggets and put it in warm/cold water for 15 minutes or

2. Wait till the soya becomes a bit soft to pour out water from the vessel

3. The size of the nuggets will increase, so put them in a broad vessel

4. Once soaked , continue the process of putting in fresh water and taking water out for 2-3 times, this avoids the smell which normally any soya food has.Then drain the water out of nuggets as way we do for dahi vada.

5. Cut tomatoes, onions in small size.Keep aside black masala..

6. In a vessel add oil, let it heat up.

7. Add onions in the hot oil and then let them  get brown color, put tomatoes in same vessek and sautee it till it becomes soft.

8. Put turmeric,hing powder,chilly powder in it.

9. Add the drained soya nuggets in the vessel.Mix it up in the pan. and then put the lid on pan for some time.after sometime , check for if soya nuggets feel prepared,If soya has not become soft , put warm water.

10. Add the black masala to this and let it simmer for 30 odd seconds.

PS – Same recipe can be used for black chana + soya combine too.

PS – If want a full non veg taste, prepare the wet and dry masala like we make for non veg and use it for seasoning…

Dish 3 (thanks to Sunanda ) Soya Nuggets recipe

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