Dish one, Jhaalmuri

Tick 1 – Jhalmuri with kolkata spunkiness done !

I longed for the spicy, zany taste of Jhalmuri and almost got there this evening. The guidance came from Masalamagic. I did not use the potatoes because boiling them takes time :). For non Bengalis/Oriyans Jhalmuri is spicier version of Bhel with very apt use of mustard oil. It also lacks the tamarind/jaggery taste thus making it truly unique and addictive.  There are versions of it which use Haldiram mixture/peanuts , but the best taste is taking fresh ingredients and using home roasted peanuts.

Only tip – Add the finely cucumber only at the time of serving.  I was not sure of the coconut getting added to it but in hindsight it should be good idea.

Notice how muri is same as churmure in marathi, mur mure in Hindi?

Dish one, Jhaalmuri

2 thoughts on “Dish one, Jhaalmuri

  1. Prakash says:

    What the hell? Churmuri is a Marathi word?? All this while I thought it was a Kannada word! This is turning out be another Vangibhaath episode…

    Btw, for the Karnataka version of this snack see She has made lots of changes to the true churmuri you get in Ballal Circle in Mysore but she has rightly raised the importance of Congress Kadlekai in this dish. Without Congress Kadlekai, there can be no churmuri!

  2. govind says:

    LOL – Churmure to be exact. Well you need to listen my Tamilian friend here who claims we stole their words 😉 and consonants – remember KKP?).
    Kadlepuri was what I thought the raw stuff is called. Up north the raw kadlepuri is called churmure. The process of converting into something more snackeable like jhaalmuri will result in different names – bhadang, bhel etc. Congress Kadlekai – are not neccassary in Bhadang but permissible in bhel/jhaalmuri.
    There is spicier version of congress kadlekai – congress kadlekai(s) – usually feasted on with drinks of higher order of alcohol content. It retains its skin and unleashes the tangy taste – mostly salt+chilli powder and oil. This varierty has higher chance of getting vapourized in a get together where teetotallers are in excess numbers

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