Language, culture, Religion

Control of the language also is tied to the religion in many ways and thus one see the pointless fights in India where religion is nearly the same but the culture, language traditions are very different across the region. It is offcourse sad to see the movies released with little or no regard for the languages and using the lowest common denominator and most of the time making fun of local tradtions. How many time one sees the use of proper Hindi (forget sanskrit) by comedian(again mostly having no regards for the local language) for creating laugh viz vs use of urdu for songs or even other stuff (becuase screenplays were written by non hindi/local language folks). It is simply made unfashionable and laughable (compare this to the spelling bee contest or use of proper language in other parts of the world). Me Fanatical – no no yet – just annoyed – see even now I have apologetic tone. why that need should be? )

Have time ?

Read a great piece of writing by Arun Shourie. The attempts of missionaries to dump everybody else as animalistic and need to be “saved”. If the paths are different – let them be. But don’t come in to “tout” the horn and save others. They will be saved, who are you to save anyone?

Mosques of India (Hindustan ki masjiden) (via Maulana Hakim Sayed Abdul Hai ‘s translation) , guess what were they built on or using what materials were they built? Yeah apologist secularists of the infamous kind will come around to talk about fratericide and duels between Chalukyas and others or native rulers. Point is most of them rebuilt grander temples but not replaced it with another foreign religion icon. Puhlease leave to your favourite middle east destination or the evangelical land now to get salvation or freedom you crave for. Sad thing to see was that this was all known and documented but susbstituted in English edition of the book.

For all the apologetic secularists and hideous communists this comment from AS should suffice

“Or M.F. Husain. He is a kindly man, and a prodigiously productive artist. There is no warrant at all for disrupting all his exhibitions. I am on the point of sensibilities. His depictions of Hindu goddesses have been in the news: he has painted them in less than skimpy attire. I particularly remember one in which Sita is riding Hanuman’s stiffened tail — of course, she is scarcely clad, but that is the least of it: you need no imagination at all to see what she is rubbing up against that stiffened tail. Well, in the case of an artist, that is just inspiration, say the secularists. OK. The question that arises then is: How come in the seventy-five years Husain has been painting, he has not once felt inspired, not once, to paint the face of the Prophet? It doesn’t have to be in the style in which he has painted the Hindu goddesses. Why not the most beautiful, the most radiant and luminous face that he can imagine? How come he has never felt inspired to paint women revered in Islam, or in his own family, in the same style as the one that propelled his inspiration in regard to Hindu goddesses?”

Offcourse the few european  countries allow the expression of freedom where Gods(of either kind) were painted on the undergarments or burnt or dealt in any other way so as to destabilize, shock the majority of believers. Rememeber the head gear controversy, use of madonna, Ganesha or other gods on undergarments/toilet seats etc.  The challenge is in the world where the faith is part of everything in place like India. Europe still does not like “its” religious icons destabilized or the latest controversy about the dutch film on Islam. But this will continue…

Language, culture, Religion

2 thoughts on “Language, culture, Religion

  1. Kashi says:

    Good to see you back on the blogs M! My daily perusing of your blog has paid off!

    Less than enthused about your post though…Not that it is untrue but whenever I see something like this from you, I consider it a sign of unrest. WTF…since I have hit rockbottom, I will stop passing around wise comments to you so ignore what I said…

  2. govindkanshi says:

    ahh – have loads of posts but not got around to tone them down. You are right, got around to read some of arun shourie’s books. It takes you down in spiral and makes you aware of the distorted history we have been given. Don’t be so formal.

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