Kolhapuri misal at Prarthana

“कोल्हापुरी मिसळ – Misal” was introduced to me near kolhapur Bus stand as dish which sort of represents Kolhapur. In those days I was not amicable to other fav of Kolhapur – tambda/pandhra rassa.  I enjoyed misal back again from Kedarling(Jotiba).

Over years across Pune/Mumbai I have tried to find the right Misal taste, Prarthana is the closest to the ideal. Contrary to expectations, it is not hot(chilly) but is made of generous helping of usal(sprouted beans), kat, farsan, kanda, kothimbir, lal tavang.  Hotstove has a great recipe.

In Pune side, they also add pohe, some people have added potato chips/churmure etc. Anyway talking about this presentation from prarthana in Kolhapur. It comes with two while slices fresh of white bread(nope no options of brown bread) . A pot of kat(sort of sambhar) and misal. It has the addition of nicely cut onions, kothimbir etc and lemon. The dish costs only 18 odd rs and leaves you with lingering taste.

Kolhapuri misal at Prarthana

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