via kaavyalaya

झाड ऊँचे और नीचे,
चुप खड़े हैं आँख मीचे,
घास चुप है, कास चुप है
मूक शाल, पलाश चुप है।
बन सके तो धँसो इनमें,
धँस न पाती हवा जिनमें,
सतपुड़ा के घने जंगल
ऊँघते अनमने जंगल।

 woodway homestay

In the recent break at Woodway homestay the coffee estate of the wonderful hosts (sushmita & shreedev) felt the same.  The drive to the place is hassle free except stretches of city travel of Hassan.  Easier way would be to take the bypass. Sushmita is detail oriented and takes the food preference, finds out about the age groups of people, dumps the detailed driving directions. Once you are cosy in the homestay – you get santosh’s good food and Sreedev’s humility and generous knowledge about the area, cultivation of coffee.  The stay is clean, simple and can accomodate multiple groups and has activities for the people who want it. Only kids can be bored if there are no other kids around to play with.  Cost can seem little higher but then you need the break. I hope once things settle down she can offer packages for longer stay. 


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