Languages – Urdu – Hindi relatioship, Urdu – language of pakistan,

While working on some work, I got distracted enough by need of “urdu-Hindi” – names translation. In the process I met important pointers @ (via sepiamutiny)

1. Robert King’s paper describing the relationship between Urdu and Hindi. Although I do not have credentials of Bob, I vehemently oppose the views of the paper after cursory reading of the paper as his conclusions if are based on lonely planet list of words/sounds and his first paper interpretation of Urdu as “graceful” and Hindi as “chunky”. What is graceful to you is gibberish to others. The claim of scholarship ends due to futile generalization. (brutal – yeah – no need for newer classification “dental” when most of these things have existed for long” ) .

2. Removing illusions about urdu being the “uniting” factor of Pakistan and reconforming Punjabi being the main language.

3. Role of Syed (founder of aligarh university?)

4. Miserable English language and its inadequacies – directly from source of language log.


Pakistan’s need to improve the education and channeling growth, democracy to every strata(same as any other democracy). Mohajir’s view of percieved reason of failed state.

Resolutions of Televangelists for 2008 (funny)

Malyasian government backing down from demand of “saying only god is allah and should be referred to as such“. Well believe/pray as you want but do’t force others dude.

China government imposing strict quality checks on re-incarnation of tibetan budhist monks in an attempt to place their own rubber stamp.

Languages – Urdu – Hindi relatioship, Urdu – language of pakistan,

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