OpenID, OAuth and securing the citadel

Will web become closed in future where there will no way to access unauthenticated data alltogether? Sort of driving license for the of internet? All the swarm of protocols/agreements like OpenID, Oauth, Dataportability , apml will they not drive the content generators to enforce a “id” which can be tracked and information used everywhere?

Nope I do not have problems with all these nanoformats trying to get semantics of the “stuff on the page” , I am just afraid of the “market forces which will ensure access to information unauthenticated is not allowed”, I am just worried about access to the data/information without the need to identify yourself ever.

Update- I got some comment from lawyer type(? – did not leave email address/blog) – that Citadel is “Popular” open source email and groupware platform and it now supports OpenID authentication.

To be fair – I had never heard of citadel before ! and the context too was completely different. I love these subtle guerrilla ploys. This adds spice in ironic way to the current post.

OpenID, OAuth and securing the citadel

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