5 Mins – 3 wickets and history of Australia’s gentlemanly game

6th Jan 2008 – Australian team beats Steve Waugh team’s record  of 16 test matches win. But in the process the australian team lost the respect.

<rant>They wanted to fix Harabhajan, cause he was the cause for revival with Sachin in first innings. Cause he was the thorn for Ponting – who could not face him again. But I guess the point was Ponting joined Symonds since he was given out by that apology of an umpire – Steve Bucknor.  Or was it Lehman episode when he said something for hwich he was punished. So they wanted to get back at the politically correct folks. </rant> In the process Ricky Ponting got his name in record books but lost the respect in cricket loving fans by unleashing his team mates and their uglier side. His arrogance was all to see when he and Gilly panned tony grieg for questioning their late declaration(in the heat of excitement, they should not forget, if not for the dumb play by the last 3 players and some luck for clarke – the match was drawn.) That much of arrogance should not be worn but shunned. They seemed to have spirit document spelled after west indies tour, somebody in Australia needs to read the riot act.

Heck I am writing about cricket, means I was bored. But watching an interesting twist in one of the best test matches inspite of the bad umpiring decisions. The test match was a classic battle and recovery of Australia from 134-6 though aided by bad decisions was dramatic. India could have saved it inspite of the bad decisions.

The great moments of Australian cricketing spirit

1. spirit(underarm bowling of the last ball to disallow Newzealand advantage of winning/drawing).

2. Off course Shaun Tait is no chucker – but every body else who troubles them is chucker (murali – is nearing the record nobody else can ever beat in the near future).

3. Calling somebody else’s mother whore is manly and one usually does engage while walking around in public place.

4. Calling somebody pommy bastard is usual in australia but Big monkey is not. Calling others Blxxx cxxx is ok but monkey is not. May be that is ok with Symonds as he was his best buddy.

5. Vincent’s outburst hurt many as it was somebody giving them their own medicine.

6. Aussies complaint the subcontinent teams complain/appeal too much but Gillie and freinds are epitome of sportsmanship.

7. Mcgrath gets upset becuase his wife is brought in picture but does not mind poking sarawan about Lara.

8. Mcgrath and company get upset about hooksey part but do not mind questioning other people’s lineage.

Harbhajan Ban

If Gibbs got 2 match ban for calling Pakistani players Babboon. So yes Bhajji(please own it up and say he was provoked) should get the ban. But Hogg too must get the ban for calling bastard – In this part of the world it could be reason for the death of the person uttering those words. Bastard is preferably used in the heat of the moment and never thrown around like the Australians do. As the children out of the wedlock are outcasts and never given social legitamacy.


Hey umpires gave ponting out unneccasarily too apart from half dozen odd decision against Indian team. It was fair 🙂 (tounge in everywhere). Let us aid umpires with technology, train them, test them and replace the ones having challenge with the game.


Gavaskar lost his usual cool and was blabbering about the Clarke catch, he lost all objectivity(there should be viewer feedback button to express displeasure). Considering he was the one who walked out the game becuase he was given out way back in 1981 – I guess he is still too attached to the game.  Commentators need to get above the national passions, they should support but not overtly and unfairly. WE deserve better from Harsha too.

Defeat at Sydney

Apart from bad umpires and mind games of Aussies we need to accept complete inaptitude of Wasim Jaffer, Yuvraj Singh and the sad tail end batting . Bring in Pathan and Sehwag. The fielding as usual stood by the names of the butterfingers. Let us get new blood here. Seperate the issue of Harbhajan, umpire, self performance.  Let all the coaches earn their money – fielding coach is certainly not doing enough.

Media Frenzy(NDTV,CNN-IBN,AajTak etc etc)

Cricket is not what brings food on table for millions. Get serious and stop making pathetic visuals with Ramsay brothers background music and labelling the umpires and pick your own interpretation of the “OUTs”. Be fair show Ponting was out on wrong decision. Don’t make all aussies the target, remember the applause for VVS Lakshaman, Sachin & Saurav.  It was utterly laugh riot to see experts, newsreaders engaging in sledge and asking the people on street provocative questions (do you think – aussies cheated/umpires cheated)- heck is there a money transaction anywhere? Why promote this bad blood. It is just a game. Treat it fairly. Look at the core issue – umpire/age criteria/use of technology etc.

BTW Kumble too sledges :). You can’t be cry baby next time around buddy. Pull up the socks, get a good team out and play good aggressive cricket you are paid for. Please do not leak so many runs through bad fielding.

Cultural difference

Different cultures are to be respected and enjoyed. If Aussies think banter is in their blood, then they should be ready to take something back too.  Win at all costs is welcome but will not stand test time

5 Mins – 3 wickets and history of Australia’s gentlemanly game

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