Cleanliness, Good manners = Good civilization?

Arun mentions the “incident” related to few Indians getting together and spoiling the ceremony where people were requested not to bring cellphone/talk etc.  Sin-yaw wang also mentioned about Chinease government trying to eradicate the 4 pests.  On personal level agree with A. Kong – it is same as in India.

Although I agree with cleanliness and good manners but not with its equating with “civillization” (as if it matters as wife/mom/sister said). There is sense of “definition” of what means right and slowly it extends to everything, patriotism/loyalty/morality. Remember Nazi/Japanese or other similar pre-war status. Idea about formal dinners, what to wear (suits/etc) and how to eat. Shucks people are making money on “suspect” good manner teaching.  What is right?

Cleanliness, Good manners = Good civilization?

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