Consciousness – Awakening a person after 6 years

Nature’s article talks about providing stimulas to certain regions to provide hope for minimally conscious people.  Very-2 hopeful for many folks I know of.  Another article which talks about the similar stuff for “stimulating” the transcranial region. 

What is consciosness – nah – I do not have profound insight – but I am skeptical when something like consciouness comes into medical literature which has different connotation and possibly should not be used in medical literature. It is more like blind folks analyzing the elephant from various angle to find out what is it that they are seeing. Everybody will have different perception.

Is ability to identify and eat is consciousness ?

Is ability to recognize people and talk is consciousness ?

Is ability to gather thoughts and use language consciousness ?

Is ability to provide gesture (a form of language) without speaking consciousness?

How do the facial expressions come to the fore – when the “person” is sleeping, what is sleeping, who is sleeping, person, face or the brain ? Who/what really controls what expressions come on the face, when we hide the expression contrary to the situation, what really happens inside down to the cell level of different kind? Which chemicals are responsible for the same? Are they produced on demand – is it possible that you can’t produce facial expressions but talk about them – would method actors have different composition of certain cells while they are playing out the roles ?

What is listening, seeing, talking?

When we are incoherent – is the main system broken down or “parts” gone for toss?

Consciousness – Awakening a person after 6 years

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