Aphasia for the wordmaster and recovery

This makes for moving and poweful (hmm lack of right word) reading.  The Brocka’s area and Wernicke’s  area getting affected is never a good sign for the person planning to spend rest of life in the cultured world of language and its impacts. Suddenly words become another form of noise to be avoided and friends/near ones become as unintelligible as the aliens.  It is next to impossible to understand the blessing we have for bringing our thoughts to meaningful sounds. And more subtly understand the impact the world around us and make utterances, suddenly one clings  to the person who said – “vedas are all dirtied by folks who uttered them”, “god can not be described”.   Words – they are just the final electromagnetic output of the some chemical reaction somewhere? It sucks to learn and talk.

BTW New book from Steve Pinker ponders more seriously over language as window into human’s nature.

I was more interested in results of the grant given for researching into regenerating blood vessels(via – Attila Chordash’s wonderful blog), cells for stroke patients.  How to find it?

Aphasia for the wordmaster and recovery

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