How to loose trust? – Keep doing it “Star News(Sic)”, HDFC, Tata Indicom – tips

Specific to HDFC

1. Promise to start the EMI in the next month but unilaterally change the date and earn “money” through simple interest called as PRE-EMI – even though person taking loan is ready to pay the EMI at earlier date (at the backend – book the “order” in later month – sand bag it – does not even matter as auditing procedures rarely unearth these simplest of frauds). Well done HDFC – keep doing it.

Specific to HDFC/Tata Indicom 

2. Call centers of Banks/ISPs – Create mechanism to make a customer wait till the last hair on his head is around. Anyway that customer will try 3-4 times and drop it. Makes sure to inflate the “process” excel sheets or prettier charts with meaning less data.  Embellish it with more FuzzBuzz words and extensions with reference(just plain plagarize) recent TLA.  Anyway nobody cares – who does check them ever. Call center application information does not need to be present with guy who fulfilled your order, nor does it have to available to other operation folks who might impact the data in that process.  The CIOs of these kind of companies should be made to taste their own medicine rather than allowing them to spend money on latest database/appserver/fancy client/server machines.  

3. Star news is best adult channel presently in India. For whole day on 15th/14th the breaking news involved “dance event in certain temple involving semi clad men/women”. Major clip being reshown offcourse being the seminude women doing utterly disgusting moves with special “commentry”. For hours together that was the only news – breaking all the more. I wish more such kind of events which get them dumber audiences and terrible TRP ratings. If the intention was to get more audiences staring and groping they got it, but their tag line was more inflammatory.

Watching the Media news in present day India is curse. It is loud, over the top, atrociously hashed “research” with no coverage of the world or important events. Then we have the Barkha and clan of “people interaction” shows which always brush the top and ignore the truth, all in name of covering the issue. It is more of media charade than anything else. Just like in US most of the media commentators are hopelessly liberal left wing nuts who carry lenin/stalin/che(recent venezuela president is fav too – born again leftist movement is on) in their side pockets(ok an exaggeration but pretty close).

Worst of felony was committed by the media to ignore “Col Vasanth” from Coorg who died while fighting the invisible enemy on the border but here we were doing unbashed long discussions on how nice and human sunju munnabhai is. How he deserves to be left out of the prison and what a pain it was to see him in the bars. There were extended reports about his dress/food he was going to get, size of his cell etc. Offcourse none of the bollywood stars and politicians did not bother to even think about Vasanth who died unsung death.

More recently Taslima Nasreen was attacked by Owaisi and freinds who wanted to go to jail and get the “mileage” out of lawsuit if filed against them. Hypocritic left and the liberal media nuts did not raise a single voice forget a march. If same would have happened to Blaine/Filmographer(choose the nairs etc) it would have caused many strikes and outpouring of “voice against the majority sting/right wing conspirators”. Offcourse discussing the actions of minority which is second largest population in the world for a country is beyond the leftist historians, liberal media moghuls and expert commentators.

Heck incidents like these are making me sound more like a right wing person. But lately through last few years our media has been hijjacked just as the education was. Heck Bush was badly guided by the rove/cheney but he is not the reason for our own problems and inability to tackle dumb things head on.

How to loose trust? – Keep doing it “Star News(Sic)”, HDFC, Tata Indicom – tips

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