Times are changing

Reflecting on changes sweeping through the processes. I found few things refreshing

1. I am sunbscriber of the SBI life insurance (don’t ask me how I got entangled) and needed to pay delayed premium this year June. I got the premium advice of May in June end and was dated February. So I had little expectation about efficiency and was worried more about lethargic “level of service” which will be offered when I call up to get status and how to fix it. To remedy the situation I called up the service center which was closed but it mentioned a web address to go on and find more information. On the web SBI has massive spread of real estate in terms of various websites. Getting access to the right one (intuitiveness is lacking in most of them) and finding out contact mail was not easy but what did surprise me was the detailed email which mentioned the minimum amount, place to deposit and detailed information.  Sweet. If nothing else somebody there is working hard to ensure customer remains with them for longer.

2. Packing & Moving : India is surely changing. In most part of the life I have experienced moving/packing being part of the armed forces family. Cutting off the friends/relations, experiencing the thrilling move in train (mostly) or 3-tonner(local houses move) became more of a norm through the growing years. The intercity move was co-ordinated well with father booking the tickets and mom packing up everything neatly easy to be picked up 2 people anytime. We also learnt not to accumulate (lately lost the art of convincing – how one does not need the stuff).  But moving as civilian once father retired was always a pain and I dreaded the move in the city or out of the city(we did shift 3 times before we settled down at malmaruti extension). I have already done one move from Belgaum to Bangalore and this one should be hopefully last one into “permanent” address. After the ease of moving and packing in US, I was dreading this move but sweetly surprised to find “directory of household movers” , aquapm, goel etc. One could reach them through the sms or otherwise. Only challenge being what kind of people will be brought in to move the stuff. Which for some strange reason is “basis” of unknown fear since normally move is done with friends and family help. I decided to call few of them to get more information and got good rates. Now the experience starts – will post back later the update.

Times are changing

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