Catching up with Amit Bahree

We recently had Arjun Bahree joining our team and it clicked somewhere in the background that I Amit B is somewhere in London. He is bundle of energy with umpteen ideas/solutions for a problem. It was great fun when we all (Gil/Angela/Fiona/Murty/Kelvyn/Mark/Mushtaque) worked out of the ADC Bellevue,Seattle.  Amit came from product engineering background at Intuit and brought in lot of discipline and focus. He always had the widest of interests and pretty well informed on host of things and most friendly in nature. One of the other common things we shared was the armed forces background of our parents with KV flag flying high. KVians generally get along very well as is evident even with Ani. One just realizes just how fast time flies and you develop longer lasting friendships with burden of expectations. That reminds me I need to catch up with Gil/Angela/EricW.

Catching up with Amit Bahree

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