Back from vacation

Bunch of things to be updated soon with content

1) Why should state bank monopolize the “pensions” disbursal of retired government employees with reference to following points

   a)  Service(sic) to old retired, widowed or chronic patient customers

   b)  Should bank employees question how much money the pensioner is taking with them

2)  National highway NH4 driving experience

   a) lack of updated road condition content

    b) lack of road == ineffectiveness of NHAI ( epitome of inefficiency and bad quality construction between hubli – ranebennur – R N Shetty (RNS) and friends have created mess of implementation compared to dream drive between honaga(Belgaum) to Kagal (Kolhapur) done by Punj Llyod. RN Shetty hopefully does not complete another temple as atonement for corruption and bad quality roads elsewhere.

3) Agriculture becoming more and more infeasible for small farmers

  a) loans becoming scarce and not reaching to right people

  b) half of the loans/benefits reaching the “relatives” of officials in the government scheme (pick any scheme) – saw personal view of city dweller having 50*80 land + acres of land elsewhere getting loan for landless + other sad things.

4) Honda city driving review

  a) bad – side view blocked , fuel efficie

  b) handling superb,  

5) Travelling

Cost of Toll – 265 Rs – Bangalore to Belgaum – Kolhapur – Belgaum – Gadhinglaj – Bangalore

(includes extra cost of unwanted travel to fill “reliance” petrol).

Cost of Gas –

6,900 Rs.


– 576 km from home at bsk 2nd stage to Belgaum mm extn home.  – 11.45 hrs with 4 stops of 40 mins each

– 587 km from home at Gadhinglaj to Bangalore mm extn home.  9.30 hrs with 2 stops of 40 min each

Back from vacation

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