Do not buy local edition of books

Other day as I am prone to do, I was visiting the bookshop in jayanagar and planning to spend time and money on books. I saw one of the books which I wanted to buy for long time but was apalled to see the quality of the publication. It was horrible compared to regular copy you can get on corner. (It is not mainstream book, otherwise a copy would have been available). Here I am ready to pay a good price for a book but unable to get the complete feel and look and instead being served with bad version. I decided not to buy the book. Heck Amar chitra katha is printed on better pages. This all links into Ani’s discussion about developing bric nations getting raw deal/standards for similar things.

Do not buy local edition of books

4 thoughts on “Do not buy local edition of books

  1. I can understand if this treatment were being given to a reference book which is mostly code + text, but the publishers here seem to be doing this to even Photoshop books! The colored pictures are converted to greyscale and the glossy pages with examples are toned down to just one shade.

    How on earth am I supposed to follow a tutorial on color or contrast correction from a book like this!?

  2. govindkanshi says:

    Exactly my point, whether it is fiction, nonfiction or otherwise pretty much everything is dumbed down hoping to thrust it down the people’s neck. I have made a decision – not to buy those aweful books.

  3. I did buy maybe three of them roadside editions, one of them turned out pretty nice, the rest of them were like you mentioned. But these are for private reading, I wouldn’t be caught dead with one, let alone seen with one!!

  4. govindkanshi says:

    Thanks Angad for stopping by – you are right, I have decided to shop online and put one credit card to build a book buying history – i should have control on what kind of my habits should be exposed via credit card purchase, right now it is bulk stuff.

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