Adding new folks

After visiting non0science (nOnoScience) (via Suhasini) for few times I have decided to put him into the blogroll as the writing is witty, diverse and has more depth. I finished reading Stephen Few. After waiting for Tufte’s book I went through this book which criticized modern “dashboards”,  reports presentation and came out with winning colors wrt to dashboard information presentation. I needed something like this for long time after being frustrated with loads of  data and lack of good representation techniques. So hopefully in the current project we will be able to come up with better looking, more impactful dashboard which can provide insight.

Via nOnoscience – I picked up Mohan’s site which provided John Hick’s enjoyable paper on Web Typography. I found wonderful chart from Stephan Few’s site with good way of presenting information.  

Good smiles of the week follow

1. Somehow I have stumbled on balancing life and had the heartiest laugh in long time. Very -2 nicely written and invokes all the memories of the ncc camp.

2. Situational vegetarian habits  had me in split. I concur – no logic suffices in most situations. Post on Rahman – bring back the similar memories – actually I always maintained the doubts about Rahman till Guru Sridhar made me listen to May maadham about sometimes crappy work like ” Rukumani Rukumani” (think of Mani rathnam picturising it)”. I guess the translated Hindi lyrics turned out to be the most unthinkable I had heard to date in those days.

Adding new folks

5 thoughts on “Adding new folks

  1. thanks for the decision to blogroll. i don’t keep a blogroll of blogs as such as you may have noticed. i shall follow your blog in my feed reader…

    tufte’s book is very good; it always motivates me to think of a different perspective of presentation of all of my research data. do take a look, as you were planning to…

    (he has two more on this subject…)

  2. BTW, as you may notice, my name is Arunn Narasimhan (notice the 2nd n – which is “silent” of course) and the blog is nOnoscience not non0science 🙂

  3. govindkanshi says:

    Thanks Arunn(apologies – I really presumed your name was Arun for some strange reason – although your webpage mentions it pretty clearly) and guess what my mind also read your blog name as nanoScience (with S capitalized) for some strange reason. BTW Arunn – need to understand the story behind your title. Tufte’s book has been on reading list for quite sometime, I plan to use his sparkline concept. It is better than simple status representation of red/green/orange.

  4. govindkanshi says:

    Thanks curiouscat – you have neat capability of writing succint thoughtful writings. Your latest one on science and society too was informative. Unfortunately our society inherently shapes the “perception” over a period of time and penalizes the presumed “lower” work by denying the opportunities. I was trying to remember the article which was a similar article where I ended up dissying the person. But I guess you made the point more clearer.

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