Forced to post :) – “God delusion” == “No God Delusion”

Dawkin’s book is good discussion subject which enrages either side. The challenge with this book is that it dismisses everything else and says it is right which is as good/bad as the confirmed religious right nutheads do. If you do not believe – good for you. If you believe – good for you. Move on. Don’t take yourself and beliefs so seriously. It does not matter in the end in face of death. Let each have his opium and find his/her own conclusion.

YABA needs some mojo :), so the post.


Their will always a challenge with straight jacketed religion with dos and donts with one authority in form of center/harbinger of goodness/books. But religion is not the only problem with this world.  Bigotry of any kind is dangerous.  True religion or lack of it or thoughts related to it will always have to be understood personally. To say having atheism or having religion will solve the challenges and just opposing for the sake of it either view is dumb. </afterthought>

Forced to post :) – “God delusion” == “No God Delusion”

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