In an attempt to kickstart writing , I decided to cherry pick few from old home and start this blog. I collected bunch of papers, books while trying to understand the virtualization over sometime. I have just put them together in one place for people to refer to.


  •  ESA/390 Interpretive execution arch, foundation for VM/ESA
  •  Xen & art of Virtualization  
  • Virtual distributed Environments in Shared infrastructure
  •  Intel Virtualization technology
  • Virtual Machine Monitors: Current Technology and Future Trends (Rosenblum, Garfinkel)
  • Other

  • Design and Implementation of the Second Extended Filesystem (Card) 
  •  The Google Filesystem (Ghemavat)
  • Zebra Striped FS
  •  Frangipani

  • Smith and Nair, Virtual Machines: Versatile Platforms for Systems and  Processes, Morgan Kaufman, 2005
  • Wolf and Halter, Virtualization: From the Desktop to the Enterprise, APress 2005
  • Links

    Bottomline – this is not groundbreaking new stuff. Only recently since last 3-4 years it has caught the imagination of consolidators/dev-test teams/data center folks etc.  Only about tiny 5% of the servers have been virtualized if you see the analyst reports.


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